An Introduction to “Lean In Living”

There are tons of blogs that address modern minimalist lifestyle concepts and “how-tos”. It’s become a booming phenomenon over the past few years.

Some go extravagant with costly builds in tiny homes, tiny boats, van-dwelling, earth-ships, or RV lifestyles. Mainly to in some way capitalize on the trends … others follow the extreme opposite and are geared to bare bones prepper/survivalist. Then – there is the majority middle of the road minimalist blogs. Many are more subjective than information driven.

These articles will be focused on leaning toward objective approaches.

“Lean” as a modern day business practice is finding its way outside of business. It’s basically good common sense with a “twist”. It’s the framework that I’ll follow loosely in presenting articles because it is a perspective that complements minimalist lifestyle main objectives that revolve around optimizing flexibility, economy and freedom.

Simply put, “Lean” focus is on reducing waste, comprehending people’s needs, adding value to ones resources, keeping the horse in front of the cart monetarily, and generally applying ways to making every today a little better than yesterday.

While that sounds like simple common sense for anyone seeking to simplify their living, the difference is that Lean is – data driven. It is less of subjective know-how, and more of real information to make sound understandings based on real results.

There are a number of bloggers out there  who I take my hat off to. Their writings are supported on a foundation of solid evidence. Though, at present – it’s often the exception rather than the rule.

I’ll hope you find what is shared here over time, based on solid information, a value added to your knowledge bank.

~ Peace

Dennis Panczenko

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