I Do Much In This

Business Process Optimization

Juggling the balance between Time, Quality and Cost. Making business activities faster, better, or enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Quick Turn Solutions for MS Access or MS Excel Clients

Specializing in rapid development of short shelf life Access applications, or helping make Excel work smarter for you.

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I Do Some Key Projects In This

Fundamental Analytics for Insights or Decision Support

Your data file and my massaging it for information relevant to your business. Whether your looking for fresh perspectives or answering questions that guide you toward making better informed decisions.


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I Do Occasional "Lean In Living" Articals

The Blog

In my free time, I share my explorations about the quickly emerging Minimalist Lifestyle.

Today's popular Lean practices in business, can at times also apply to our personal lives.

(Lean is a methodology used to continuously improve ways through the elimination of waste and also fosters “Respect for People.”)

So, let me ask you ~ are all Lean inspired analysts in some degree, minimalists?

If you answered Yes, that's good. Or perhaps just someone who never likes to say ... No. (!)

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Well-Seasoned Business Support

Hello ! I'm Dennis Panczenko.

My past involves 16 years employed in professional business support roles. Now, I've jump-started going into business independently.


“It used to be that the American Dream was owning your own home. The American Dream today is owning your own business.” – Keith Hall, CEO NASE

Today I have the personal freedom to lean back and mix more personal time, with project time.

This is good for you, because it's good for me. It unclutters my thinking bandwidth. Win - Win ~

"Get rid of clutter and you may just find it was blocking the door you've been looking for." ~Katrina Mayer, KatrinaMayer.com

I call myself nomadic for two reasons -

First, I have explored many different facets of business operations, from start-up to high level corporate, and everything in between.

Secondly, I also explore for new discoveries in living today (I currently work/live out of a mobile office on wheels.)

The many solutions I've been successfully involved in creating, filled needs from very complex to quite simple. (Quite often, making the effort to find the simplest solution is the most satisfying and sustainable one. Think "Lean" ...)

This is a brief introduction, thank you kindly for perusing it.

I simply wished to give you a quick take about being a well-seasoned resource, that is available to become a focused partner with you. Together, we can team in solving whatever challenges you face today.

Click on LinkedIn below, and you'll find a great depth of details there.

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